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Auld Lang Syne and Thank You 2019; Hello 2020…

Greetings fellow Happy Campers! I struggle with sharing as I am a very private soul. After several failed attempts to write this post, God has blessed me with a peace around it, so here goes!

Like many of you, 2019 was a mixed bag of wonderful occurrences, deeply felt losses, health challenges and change. The deaths of very dear friends, family members and my faithful furbie will leave a fracture in my heart for some time to come. It is always so difficult to be left behind; even with the knowledge they are in a much better place.

After struggling with severe bone pain for many years, Michael (aka “the Hubs”) and I made the decision to stop my chemotherapy in the hopes to ascertain if it was a contributing factor. Unfortunately, it was not. However, stopping did allow me to feel better in other aspects. The doctors believe this is my new normal. Pacing myself, asking for help (neither of which is my strong suit), ensuring my oxygen saturation is good and taking my medication before the pain gets too far ahead of me are the keys to managing it. Making these changes has helped, and I am grateful that my cancer, triple negative breast cancer, is stable at this point in time.

Now, on to the WONDERFUL stuff! Thank you for being one of the many bright spots in 2019. I am very blessed to have my little galley fabric wall idea be so well received by you all. I am having so much fun creating them for you. A HUGE shout out to nüCamp for their support! Many of you have asked me why I chose to call them “Wing Walls”. Well, I feel as we all coddiwomple about in our beloved campers, ours being the Bl@nket Fort; a guardian angel bestowing a little divine guidance along our journeys can’t hurt! One of my all-time favorite movies is It’s A Wonderful Life. In contemplating the name for the walls, it occurred to me, just like when a bell rings in the movie and an angel gets their wings; every time you open and close your galley, there is an intentional prayer bestowed upon you from me for safe travels.

Just like in the movie when the angel Clarence reveals to George the impact George’s life has had on so many within his community, it struck me that within our community of Happy Campers, we also all have an impact on each other’s lives. The kindness, encouragement and support you have all shown me is very heartfelt and I am very grateful. The kindness, encouragement and support you extend to each other is why I am so honored to be a small part of this community! Thank you and may God bless you on your journeys and throughout the coming year! See you around the campfire.



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