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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Hello my fellow happy campers!! We are living in interesting times and I am hoping this finds you all doing well. In my own life, I am navigating some un-chartered waters. The last year and a half has been extremely difficult for me health wise. My cancer remains stable, still no cure. However, I am extremely grateful for my incredible medical team. They keep me patched up and monitor me closely, but my body seems to always be fighting against me. Because of this, I find that I am no longer able to produce my Wing Walls.

BUT WAIT ~ FEAR NOT...I have found the perfect solution!! I am so excited to share that I have partnered with “Rhoda’s Outdoor Stitches”, run by the Miller family who reside in our much beloved Sugarcreek, OH, home of the nüCamp production plant.

We met in 2018 and have the most wonderfully blessed relationship. Some of you know Nate, the patriarch of the family. Nate has worked with nüCamp for many years. His amazing wife Rhoda has become a very dear friend and my production partner! She is an extremely skilled seamstress, with a great eye for detail and an uncompromising quality control gene. Rhoda and I have been working closely together for the last six weeks and orders are flying out the door under this new partnership!

What does this change mean for you our customers? The business name will permanently remain Teardrop Galley Wing Walls. We will work closely together for the next year or so as we fully transition the business over to Rhoda and her family. During this transition period, the ordering process remains the same, with orders placed on the website as usual. I will continue to manage the website, Facebook page and maintain communication with you all regarding orders or any other questions you may have. I will also continue to process and produce the custom orders.

The biggest change for our customers will be a quicker production time as Rhoda and her family have taken over production. Now the turnaround time is two to three weeks vs. the previous three to four.

Eldest daughter Kodie handles the order processing. She receives the orders from me, places them into production, and when completed, she processes the shipping documents. Jimmy has become the "Shipping Manager". He's taken to the task beautifully and does a great job. Rounding out the production team are Chloe, Charity and Ashley.

I am so very excited about this partnership! I am also so very grateful for your continued support of this little Wing Wall business. I love hearing your ideas and adventure stories. I have had a bit of re-entry trouble coming back from Ohio to Colorado. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get back in the game. Thank you for your patience with me. It is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. In the meantime...Coddiwomple on!

Happy Camping and Toasty Toes,


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1 Comment

Tina B
Tina B
Apr 08, 2023

I just learned about your product from a YouTube video. I will partner with you in prayer for the restoration of your health. I look forward to choosing Galley Wing Walls for our 2020 T@G, Bitsy. I pray God blesses you and your new business partner(s). Shalom.

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